A Little Polarity for a Little Bird

Bird In The Hand

I went to visit my mom in Xenia, Ohio on July 27. On the way to Xenia we stopped in Yellow Springs.

Yellow Springs is a very laid back community. Everyone is so nice and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

It has a lot of little shops we like to visit. We took Shannon, Tasha and Santana (our grand baby with us.)

Some of the shops are so small there is no room for a stroller so I was waiting outside of the shops when my wife Rose came out and told me a lady was asking about Polarity Therapy.

She told her I was a Polarity Therapist so I went in to talk to her. She had heard about Polarity from some friends, but still was not familiar with it. We had a brief discussion on Polarity when she told me about a bird she had in a box next to her.

The bird was sick, not eating or drinking and was a little puffy. The bird had its head nestled in its feathers. She picked the bird up and placed it in my hand.

Warren Smith

Warren Smith, RPP

As we continued to talk about Polarity I was noticing how the bird was reacting. She wondered if the Polarity would work on the bird and I told her we are all part of the universe.

About 10 minutes later I had to leave so she took the bird back and noticed its feet were warm. She had mentioned that her back had been bothering her so I told her I would give her a referral that my friend had given me.

The next day I called to give her the referral and she told me the bird was eating, drinking and playing with the other birds.

She thanked me and said she wished she could give the bird a follow-up treatment. I told her that she could do it herself, just as I had done.

It was a gratifying experience.

Warren Smith is a Registered Polarity Practioner who lives in Warren, Michigan