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Polarity Therapy is a spiritually based, whole-person health care system based on the premise that energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature and that the flow and balance of energy in the human body determines our health.

Have you ever looked at Nature and experienced the wonder of it? The Earth itself supports all of life here, cradles bodies of water and holds and supports our homes and businesses. The Fire of the Sun heats our planet. Water quenches thirst and supports life for all. The Air that we breathe is vital as well. The Earth, Fire of the Sun, Water and Air are also called elements.

We are not only similar to these elements, we actually have them inside us. What is inside us is outside us, and vice versa. The elements spoken of above (Nature) have their own unique energy. We are a part of this Nature and it with us. That is wonder-filled! When the elements in Nature are balanced with each other, Nature is healthy. When we are in balance, these elements within us flow freely and support every system in our bodies.

This energy is like the electricity that turns on our lights, furnaces, air conditioners, etc. Each of our physiological systems in our bodies also needs energy to run it. When all the systems are energized and running smoothly, we are in pretty good health.

Sometimes a block or an impediment to the natural flow of energy occurs. When this happens, the natural flow is compromised. The less energy present to run a system in the body, the less efficiently it works.

ChakrasPolarity Therapy is a system of electromagnetic energy dynamics made up of techniques to assist in revitalizing a compromised system, self-help exercises to maintain energy flow and a diet to feed us energetically.

Polarity Therapy is a rich and deep philosophy, lifestyle and whole health model that offers a lifetime of learning.

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