Animals (and Their Humans) Benefit from Polarity


As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist I constantly use my Polarity Therapy training in my work, on myself, and with my animals. Having always personally worked with animals (dogs, cats, horses, birds, rodents, chinchillas, etc) I have decided to professionally offer my services to more than just humans.

I recently joined the International Association of Massage & Bodywork and have been delighted to enter a community of talented, knowledgeable, and compassionate body workers specializing in animals.

Relationships are Important to Health and Wellness

Kait and Dog

Kait Keim and responsive canine client during a Polarity session.

When interacting with animals, and their humans, I really appreciate these relationships and their importance in health and wellness. Animals give of themselves constantly, even those struggling with health or emotional issues! They are very resilient and willing to process what needs to be resolved when moving toward health.

It is up to us to work on ourselves, to offer them support, and to be respectful of their right to choose what that may or may not look like! I love empowering the humans with increased awareness of the animals system and ongoing patterns. I often have suggestions for their participation, either during a session, or homework to follow up with.

Team Approach Aids Healing

I truly believe that a team approach not only combines our unique talents, but also engages the healing potential of relationships. It demands of us self-awareness and personal growth, as well as the observational skills to truly take in what and who is around us.
This is true for animal “owners” and practitioners alike. When we open and embrace our inter-connectedness with our environment and community of beings, it makes all our hearts soften and expand.

Sharing Session Observations

Kate and horse

Kait Keim offers Polarity to a horse client.

Occasionally messages, observations, or emotions arise while I’m working that seem important to share with the humans. It is always tricky to determine if and how to express them, and to be as objective as possible in sharing, as it is not for me to interpret another’s meaning.

Presence and Listening Apply to all Species

In my Polarity training we were given patterns, systems, and knowledge to learn, experience, and integrate. We were also given the challenge of learning to palpate the unique qualities present at any given time. Much of the knowledge translates easily between species, with exceptions of course, but the skills learned — to be present and listen, and offer what is needed, are invaluable across the board.

Polarity is a Natural Addition

I am truly blessed to offer this work to my clients and their animals. As my teachers always express, “No one can give of themselves in a session, without receiving a treatment!” The Polarity model of inter-connected modalities and knowledge makes a natural addition to my skill set as a body worker, for all species!

Kait Keim is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2004. She is trained in relaxation, as well as therapeutic massage techniques, such as Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Sports Massage. She has experience working with athletes from many fields and her specialties include: injury recovery, pre- and post-surgery work, chronic pain relief, and limited Range of Motion issues. Her most recent training is in Polarity Therapy and Canine Massage.

Kait’s work integrates gentle energy work with deep, therapeutic massage, and focuses on each client’s individual needs.  She is available for appointments: Monday – Friday, and occasional Saturdays.  Kait@massagetherapy(dot)com, 734.531.7890,