How Energy, Elements and Chakras Affect Your Health


Energy is present everywhere and in everything in our world. Light and heat from the sun are clear examples of energy, as is the energy that is expended through movement (think of running children and dogs). We experience energy in many ways, but four elements of energy are perhaps most familiar:

  • The heat of fire that transforms food when it is cooked.
  • The energy of air that causes clouds to move across the sky.
  • The soothing and cleansing flow of water.
  • The energy of earth that provides a foundation for growth.

What many don’t realize is that our physical bodies are created from the same energy. In fact, a body can’t exist without an energy field to form and nurture it.

The health of that body is dependent on the health of its energy field. Physical health depends on energy flowing unimpeded through a body’s energy system (known as the chakra system), as well as through the physical body itself.

Illness is present in a body’s energy field before manifesting in the physical body. Once illness does appear in the body, healing happens much more quickly (than it would if allowed to heal on its own) once the energy system is cleared and balanced. Even long-standing blockages that impede energy flow can be cleared with Polarity Therapy, allowing the body to heal itself.

This important connection between energy and the physical body is overlooked by modern science-based medicine, but has long been known by hands-on healers. Polarity Therapy is a proven method for working with energy fields and creating optimal energy flow for good health.

Read on to learn more about energy fields, elements and chakras – and how they impact health.



“The physical anatomy of man is the accepted foundation and starting point of nearly all the healing arts today.  Such a concept rests upon matter, the gross product, rather than on the fine energy currents which wove the patterns of the body and which continue to animate it throughout life.” (Bk 1, pg 9)

~Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy uses energy as the one most important factor in the process of life.  Energy applied in this therapy involves the manipulation and correction of lesions and distortions in the energy field surrounding and within the physical body.  The foundation and goal of this therapy is the balance and equalization of energy flow for health. Its unbalanced distribution as the cause of disease.

The active principle in Polarity is the Great Truth of Life Itself.  Nothing lives unto itself alone.  There is always a Source, a cause, an effect and a purpose in all living things.  This principle in life is Polarity, with the center as a neuter essence, also a positive and a negative pole of action of energy currents as manifestation.  This triune arrangement is the basis of all matter in motion and expression, even as the atom is the unit of it.  Energy whirls and currents establish fields of action in their crystallizing effect which look like solid or semi-solid substances to our five senses and our mental perception. (Bk 3, pg 8)

~Dr. Randolph Stone

The one Neutral River of Energy, Prana or Manna, flows out of Paradise,  the Mind Essence or the Energy space plane of the ‘Akash,’ and divides into 4 states of Energy, or qualities of Matter, which the ancients called Elements.

In the human body, Mind Energy flows over the brain and nervous systems and becomes animated Intelligence, Feeling, Perception, Consciousness, the root of all the senses and the Awareness of all sensations in and through the form of Matter.

ChakrasChakras, or energy centers in the body, govern and maintain particular qualities of this energy in the body.  These centers are strategically placed and contain frequencies appropriate to their location.  From these centers emanate an element of it to bring this particular quality throughout the whole body.  Each element represents and expresses its source.

The Ether element, arising from the Ether chakra in the throat, governs hearing. It is the energy of the Sound Current, as its origin and transmission of sound waves.  It is a high sensory essence.  Inner attraction and the aesthetic sense are its qualities.  It governs emotions in general when combined with other elements.  The Ether element is the first element and all others come through it.  

The Air element, arising from the Air Chakra in the chest, governs movement of energy in general.  It sustains and activates the fire element.  This governing of movement applies to all the systems in the body.  When Air combines with the other elements, it helps create various kinds of movements.

The Fire element arises from the Fire Chakra in the belly and governs the direction of movement of energy.  It is a healing energy source in the body and is masculine in principle.  It is the expansive impulse behind movement.    

The Water element, arising from the Water chakra in the abdomen, governs the ease of the flow of energy and is feminine in principle.  Water is the realm of the unconscious, and therefore governs the whole undercurrent of dreaming and the knowledge that dreams can bring to us.  The quality of this knowledge is not that of the mind, but from a deep well of feeling and intuition, a mine of self discovery.  

The Earth element, arising from the Earth Chakra in the pelvis, finds its realm of action in the physical world.  It is here that energies become crystallized into form.  This form takes the shape of our thoughts, our actions and our speech.  Things become grounded in physical reality.  It is the realm of anatomy and physiology, and of final action and form.  Practicality and steadiness are gifts of the Earth element.