Our Base – The Gunas

A while back, Karen Kerns asked if I would write something about Polarity periodically that she could put on the website.  It took me a while to agree that when possible I would write something that I have found an interesting way to hold and do Polarity that has come to me later in life.  It is something that I now see as more important than I did some years ago.  So,  what do I choose first to write about?

A number of years ago, Renee Rutz said that we did not teach enough about the gunas  which are the base of our energy work.  It took me quite some time to see how really important the triune concept is.  Polarity holds that we are not in a world of dualities.  We are in a world that needs to balance the dualities – polarities- so that a neutral, relaxing, healing process between the polarities can take place.  The whole movement of our energies is governed by the gunas.  Their importance is paramount.

The three gunas represent the three qualities of polarity relationship which allows all creation to come into being.  They are an implicate law of the universe.  These gunas are the  Sattvic, Rogasic, Tamassic qualities of our energy.  They are incorporated in how we touch, how areas of the body are connected, how elements have a positive, neutral, and negative connection in our body, how the structure of body, mind, spirit are connected in our work, and how even each cell, the microcosm, has this triune structure.

How we touch has the guna’s three qualities – soft, stimulating, and deep.  We use all three according to the state of a friend’s energy as we work on them.  Do we have to search deep to connect?  Do we just have to stimulate some to let the energy arise so as to be worked on a level that begins a change in flow?  Do we just have to make contact at a soft level because  the energy we will work with is at a level already available?  With each friend we work on, the touch we use, coming from the gunas will be different.  I often lapse into the soft sattvic touch.   I have to remind myself that the rogasic and tamassic are also necessary and my soft preference will not work with where the energy is in a given person.  Use then all, as necessary.  Maybe not all in one session, but as they are called for.

The gunas are also a compelling foray in the areas of the body by a wireless configuration.  In Book II, chart 4, Dr. Stone shows us a triune connection in the body by understanding that work on a specific zone affects corresponding zones in the head, torso, legs, hands, feet, and toes.  This connection is also powerful and I am glad that writing this reminds me that I need to be more conscious of this guna relationship and its harmonies.  Franklyn Sills says “The three zones outline the general harmonics of energy, as energy pulsates outward in centrifugal phase, and inward in a centripetal phase.”

The fetal charts (Book I, charts 4 & 5) indicate that four of the five elements have a triangular relationship.  The fifth element, ether, provides the space for these triangulations to flow in the body and connect the elements in their body-wise flow.  This process is a very formativephase of the interweaving of the three gunas to create a subtle energy movement into physical form, leading to the development of the chakras and complete energy flow.  Each of the four elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, the four active elements, have a positive, neutral, negative connection.  They are the most primary and formative relationship for each element.  They connect upper, lower, and middle parts as the body forms to express the balance needed to keep energy flowing as freely as possible.  They interweave allowing first the body to form and then to make connections for the four actual elements to remain in balance.  They are basic to the formation of our work.

The gunas also give us the basic concept of body, mind, spirit.  At conception, these three come together.  As the energy (spirit) joins the egg and the sperm, the body begins formation with the mind the next to form.  All three, body, mind, spirit, are joined together in conception.  As we work, in accordance with the triads, not just the body do we work with, we are also working on the mind (psychological) and the spirit (connection to source).  Each time, according to this triad, we work on a friend, even though it primarily is meant to affect a body discomfort, it is also affecting the mind and the spirit.  We affect all three as we work body, thinking and attitude, and spirit, our connection to source.  We are not just body workers.

Finally keep in mind that the triad relationship is also in each cell.  It creates our ability to be balanced, to be whole.  Their concept included in the gunas is essential in our work as we move into our total being. Our personal sense of relatedness goes back to the three gunas.  The masculine,  feminine, neuter – the positive, negative, neuter – begin us by their relationship.  The gunas give a clue to how to balance our own lives and the lives of the friends we work with, body, mind, and spirit.

I’m sure I may have missed some other triad relationships stemming from the gunas.  I am sure whatever they are, they are equally important.  The ones I’ve written about are the ones that have most affected me.  Let me know your reactions:  johnrbodary@gmail.com