Polarity Center Conference Update – September 22-24, 2017


In September, on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, a conference will be held in Ann Arbor, MI, entitled “Returning to Source.” It will bring together the many ideas of what Polarity is and was intended to be,. We will see if out of our diversity, we can create a unity that includes and cherishes this diversity. We invite everyone who does Polarity work to attend to get as broad a picture as possible of what our source is and how we can establish inclusivity. We hope to create a vision, embracing and including all who would want Polarity to flourish.

We need to establish this inclusive community which is a coming together and a staying together from the bottom up, giving us a foundation of purpose and clarity. Community is a continual coming together, at a conference, in a phone conversation, in an email exchange sharing what is of interest to each of us and how it might affect others. Community is a constant caring about the work, the people who do it, and those who receive it.

Intended in Polarity from the writings of Dr. Stone and Franklin Sills, the author of The Polarity Process, is a constant reliance on Source, a universal Source of energy (a creator and creation), a spiritual concept- not from a religious base but from a source deep inside people who recognize Source as a gift of existence and purpose. Polarity work includes body, mind, spirit (Source); a basic triune factor of Polarity. I see this as a key element of Polarity Theory and work. It can be the unifying spirit for the Polarity community.

Community includes our diversity, our spirituality- a true element of our work, and our inclusivity where all are seen, heard, and valued coming together at this conference to rediscover what Polarity includes.

If you are a part of APTA, if you are a part of IPEA, if you are an independent Polarity worker, join your friends in September in Ann Arbor, MI. Help us to rediscover our Source and give Polarity a broader place in our world. Eleanora Lipton and Karen Kerns have worked diligently to put this together. Join them and all the others who will attend

–John Bodary

A quote from Dr. Stone:
“Tuning in with the Infinite is a practical idea, if applied and understood. Man is not as helpless as he feels and thinks he is, if he could only tune in on his inner energies and deeper hidden resources of life itself.”