Polarity Center Staff

Karen Kerns, RPP, RCST – Owner and Director

Karen KernsKaren Kerns, RPP, RCST, is a Registered Polarity Practitioner,  Registered Craniosacral Therapist, massage therapist and dental hygienist.

Karen describes her discovery of Polarity Therapy:

“From 1982 to 1986 I was working as a dental hygienist and a massage therapist. One aspect of my massage training was the study of energy and energy techniques.

“I used the V-spread energy technique in my hygiene practice to stop gingival bleeding. I was intrigued by the result of rapid cessation of bleeding from this seemingly simple hold. I wanted to find out more about this ‘energy.’

“In 1986 I received a notice of a Polarity Therapy class being offered in Dearborn, Michigan by Mr. John Bodary. While attending this class I realized the possibility of achieving similar relaxation results from this new discipline as I witnessed in massage. Pain relief and muscle relaxation could be accomplished without always using an elbow or deep painful inhibition techniques.

“This form of therapy could be used on a fully clothed person and without oils or massage lotion. Today and hopefully for the rest of my practicing days, I will hold consciousness for the emerging spirit within.

“Polarity Therapy and Dr. Stone, its founder, has instilled in me a deep realization of the healing ability of the life force behind our very existence.

“The awareness of the body housing this powerful spirit is every bit a part of our spiritual paths; whatever that path. It has given me a passionate hopefulness of our evolution as conscious, healthy and above all, loving humans being.”

Karen became a certified massage instructor in 1997 and maintains a private practice in Ann Arbor. She teaches Levels I, II, III, IV of Polarity Therapy, and continuing education classes.

She also teaches introductions to Polarity Therapy at Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan.


Betty Teeg – Assistant Director

Betty Teeg

“My life has been a continuous set of very different occupations, all involved in sales of one sort or another.

“A successful salesperson must be, first and foremost, a listener sensitive to the customer’s needs and concerns.

“That same listening skill is how a polarity therapist is able to tune into a client’s problem during treatment, be it emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual.

“If we listen carefully enough, we sense that the presenting problem is not the actual problem. And if we continue listening, the energy will show us how to help the body connect to its own healing power.

“As a child I sold Campfire Girl doughnuts and magazines. As an adult, I owned a business that manufactured chemicals for the newspaper industry. After that came pianos, cars, dental service, and Detroit Institute of Arts docent tours.

It doesn’t matter whether the sale is for a product or a service; undivided and uninterrupted attention to the customer is crucial!

“The polarity term for that is: Presence. Another polarity term is Connection to The Universe.

“In 1999, the same year I began polarity training (eventually graduating from all of the Polarity Center courses), I started teaching English to adults from other countries.

“English is a complicated language and difficulties are frequently compounded by physical and learning differences: dyslexia, ADHD, visual and hearing impairments.

“Polarity is a seamless whole when working with these students. An experienced tutor can detect multiple facets of the individual’s uniqueness by noting their posture, tone of voice, volume, pitch, pace, accent, cadence; walk, balance, clothing, skin tones and muscle tone, hairstyle.

This initial information is sufficient to sense where the student feels lost and requires assistance to open the flow of understanding. In other words:  Presence in action.     
“Presence is always a 2-way street. The therapist/tutor is free to learn as much from the client/student as we treat/teach.

“Real Magic.”


Warren G. Smith – Teaching Assistant

Warren SmithI have been in the heating & cooling business for thirty years. During that time, I have become a massage therapist, a graduate of all the Polarity Center programs – APP and RPP, a member of APTA, and board certified member of BCPP.

I began this Inner Journey in 2001 with massage because some of my business customers were in pain and massage therapy offered an alternative to pain management without medications.

While studying massage, I took a weekend introductory class in polarity given by John Bodary. Immediately I noticed the similarities between heating and cooling and polarity work: heating is positive energy; neutral is the balanced zone and cooling is negative energy.

The obvious next step was to add polarity therapy as another modality to help individuals in pain – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In doing so, my own Inner Journey has opened beyond all expectation.

Working with students, clients, friends, family and pets helps all of us to realize our own powers and connectedness to The Universe and we begin to realize our own power.

Poem by Warren G. Smith