Wellness Practitioner Program Update – We Need Your Help!


The Wellness Practitioner Program with Karen Kerns and Eleanora Lipton just completed its final weekend of classes focusing on encouraging and supporting the Masculine Energy. This third weekend followed two previous weekends the first of which focused on the neutral, primary energy and the second centering on the feminine energy, each combining intuitive yoga, anatomy and polarity bodywork instruction. The students have had an amazing experience, building community and broadening their understanding of these interesting topics. We are fortunate to have two such knowledgeable and engaging teachers create this one-of-a-kind rich program.

The final program weekend will involve review and assessment. Here is your opportunity to see the results of the program and assist the students.

We need “clients” for program participants to work on during their assessment.

The bodywork assessment will take place Saturday, March 11th. Participation will cost $40 for a full Polarity session. If you are interested in having a session, please contact Karen Kerns (734) 347-0532 to set up your morning or afternoon session. Slots are limited so don’t delay in signing up!

If you were unable to participate in the 2016-2017 Wellness Practitioner Program, but are still interested, please contact Karen Kerns to be put on the list for the next offering.