Wellness Practitioner Program Update – Third Session Begins January 19


Apple BlossomThe WPP (Wellness Practitioner Program) class enters its third session January 19-21.  Our first two sessions covered working with neutral and the feminine energies.  These class sessions explore the guna energies through intuitive and and polarity exercises and bodywork.   The anatomy taught in these classes gives us a more exact visual sense of where we are working.  We also learn the value of the spinal area as a physical, energetic and spiritual source of energy.

This coming third session will be about the male energies.  Specific intuitive poses again will be taught and practiced by the students as in the previous classes.  Specific bodywork techniques will help balance the fire energies. For some practitioners, working with someone who is angry or has an excess of fire energy triggers past traumatic experiences in some practitioners.  Learning techniques to protect prior to a session and to dissipate the perceived threat after a session are essential in holding Presence and compassion.