John and Carol Bodary

John and Carol Bodary were featured in an article by Zahraa Farhat in The Arab American News in Dearborn, Michigan. Entitled, “Dearborn Couple Shares Impact of Inclusivity,” the article highlights their openness to other cultures, and the impact of that openness on their neighborhood, especially their relationships with the Arab families in Dearborn.
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A Memory of Max Heirich

As I sat down to write something about Max, I was flooded with memories: his mentoring, his encouragement, his friendship, his participation and his spirituality. I could tell numerous stories about each of these. Which one or ones to choose? If I took the time to list all of those memories, it would certainly fill a small book.
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John's Corner on Polarity - Boundaries and Blockage

Boundaries and Blockage

Any blockage affects the whole. Blockage in our physical body also affects the mind and the spirit. Blockage in the mind also affects the body and the spirit. Blockage in the spirit also affects the body and the mind. We are one. We are not separate parts. Our experiences teach us to set boundaries; like blockages, boundaries are set on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual. These aspects of ourselves can’t be separated. We are one.
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How Energy, Elements and Chakras Affect Your Health

Energy is present everywhere and in everything in our world. Light and heat from the sun are clear examples of energy, as is the energy that is expended through movement (think of running children and dogs). We experience energy in many ways, but four elements of energy are perhaps most familiar:
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