Moving Energy

Polarity Therapy – A Natural, Holistic Path to Health

First, a Science

Polarity Therapy synthesizes knowledge and experience gleaned from centuries of eastern and western healing theories with an understanding of energy dynamics.

Polarity Therapy incorporates a systemic knowledge of energy mapping based on the five natural elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and the seven primary energy centers or chakras.

Polarity is based on orthodox anatomy and physiology as well the energy anatomy of humans.

Although Dr. Stone did not have access to the theories of high energy and quantum physics at the time he was developing Polarity Therapy, one can see how the polarity principles reflect these current theories.

Polarity - Chart

Second, an Art

Polarity Therapy involves the skillful application of bodywork techniques to promote harmonious life functions. With intuitive sensitivity, the practitioner’s hands locate and help to free blocked energy caused by distress on any level.

With gentle yet penetrating therapeutic touch, free-flowing balanced energy movement is restored as the body’s natural self-healing powers are stimulated. Physical manipulations, gentle stretching, light reflex contacts and hand movements off the body comprise much of the Polarity art form.

In creative combination with other therapeutic styles, (e.g. visualizations, breathing variations, awareness counseling, and other forms of bodywork), balance in the system is achieved.

A Philosophy for Living

EnergyPolarity addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns of being. Distorted beliefs, troublesome feelings, thoughts, and behaviors create energy blocks.

In the Polarity process, energy penetrates blockages, awareness increases to expose hidden realities, unconscious attitudes and dysfunctional defense mechanisms that cause destructive body armoring.

Released energy nurtures new perspectives and inspirations leading to more balanced, harmonious, creative existence and raised consciousness of one’s spiritual core in union with the higher, ultimate energy source.

Thus, fixations are transformed into more moderate behaviors and contentment. This vitalizes the system to heal ailments resulting from repressed life forces.

A Health Model

Polarity principles can be applied to a wide variety of health and healing systems. We have trained psychotherapists, business managers, parents, massage therapists, bodyworks of many varieties, acupuncturists, etc.

Many of our students use the work for their own personal growth alone without ever becoming a Polarity Practitioner.

At the very core of the search for true health lies the essential question of what life is for.

What is our personal goal, in terms of the use we make of this body and mind — and what is the purpose of the divine gift of this human life?

Merely having no physical pain does not always mean a happy condition of mind. We are entitled to more and have a greater purpose for being in this world.

Each one of us is seeking the inner happiness that comes from not outward accomplishments but from the harmony of our inner being.

~Dr. Randolph Stone