Is it not possible for man to keep well by doing a few simple things daily and living less strenuously? The answer is yes.

~Dr. Randolph Stone


Gentle, yet penetrating, hands-on contacts to the body nurture deep relaxation by systematic connections of positive, neutral and negative charges to stimulate free-flowing balanced energy.

Techniques Dr. Stone developed are used as well as an active listening approach where the practitioner along with the client can sense the energy and follow it into a natural state of balance and ease.


Healthy eating habits to build and balance energy are encouraged along with periodic cleansing routines to eliminate toxins that cause blocked or unbalanced energy.

Dietary guidelines are based on the five elements and the natural constitution of each person.

Clients are guided to make dietary changes that will support making a change to energy imbalances that are occurring.


Deep breathing, gentle stretching, balancing postures and utilizing sound vibrations helps to release daily tensions or blocked emotions and prolongs the effects of Polarity sessions.

Suggestions are made to clients for exercises that will help enhance and prolong the benefits of polarity sessions received.


Through exploration of mental images or memory pictures that sometimes surface during sessions, energy is freed for re-creation of a new view to foster more fully-satisfying and healthier life functioning.


Thoughts and feelings help or hinder a balanced, harmonious state of being. The facilitation process promotes insight and strengthens will power to make desired changes. It encourages constructive life attitudes and enhances body awareness and self-esteem. Lifestyle changes are supported and encouraged.