Wellness Practitioner Certification Program

Evolve Yourself & Grow Your Work in the World

AnnArbor, Michigan

Our passion is to share with you the most potent, transformative, and effective methodologies we have been utilizing with students and clients. We are so excited to be taking our work to a whole other level, simplified, grounded, enhancing who you are and what you do. We have leaped out of the box to offer innovative and progressive programs. Together, we are all making a profound difference in health care.

Healing can be such an incredible journey! Filled with discovering our self, our passion, living so much freer in our spirit. With the ‘silver‘ generation living from one doctor’s appointment to the next, stuck in the mental construct of dread and lack of choice …..ughhh….we can make a difference. Tremendous education is needed to help inform, really inform people that there are lots of great choices for health and healing.

This course is designed for practitioners, seekers, and those who feel called to evolve and to assist others. In these studies we will dive into both the mystery and science of energy work and its practical application in your life and for your clients. Based on the teachings of Polarity Therapy, Hatha Yoga, anatomy, physiology, and spiritual practices, this course will empower your inner journey and your work in the world.

The core of healing is energy. The core of energy is Spirit. We are here to quench the thirst of Spirit.

That’s what this course is….an incredible process to grow, really grow, every part of your being. A natural synthesis happens.

This is the process of becoming who we are truly meant to be, i.e. instruments of love, light, and healing for everyone and everything, everywhere.

Our work is love in action, making a profound difference in our life, our sense of business, ours and others fulfillment.

More than ever the world needs for the love of power to transform into the power of love.

Intuitive Yoga is the cutting edge between the Universal Energy Principles of Polarity Therapy and Hatha Yoga.

When practiced together, a new and enlightening blend of movement emerges. Each person has a unique ability to open a flow of energy where there is stiffness and pain. This class dives deeply into understanding how we can direct breath into where we did not think movement possible.

There is always a way to breathe and move as long as there is life force in the body. Often is the belief that “I cannot do yoga, I cannot bend, I’m too tight.” If there is only 50% ability to move, then 100% can be made of that 50%! Greater movement is the result. Helping your clients learn to move properly and safely profoundly increases their wellness and self-confidence.

The purpose of Yoga is to break the habit of the tissues thereby promoting a greater free flow of energy, range of motion, and fulfillment of life.

You can teach this easily and effortlessly…..build your practice, build your classes.

5253373Eleanora Lipton, BCPP, is one of thirty original American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) honored RPP and RPE; a three term APTA Board Member; co-author of Therapeutic Art of Polarity; internationally recognized Polarity and Intuitive Yoga instructor; member of the senior faculty at The Temple of the Inner Self; Intuitive Yoga and Polarity Therapist at Accelerated Recovery Centers (recovery center for alcoholics); B.A. in Religious Studies, University of Colorado; Spiritual studies and extensive retreats with the School of Spiritual Healing, NCBTMB continuing education Approved Provider: 451635-11.

Extensive community outreach includes supervised practices at the local fire station. Eleanora brings a richness of skill, sensitivity and experience to the facilitation of the polarity process, growing wellness, health building and living with passion. Contact Eleanora with any and all questions and concerns at elyoga@icloud.com.

Integrative Bodywork raises the bar on interfacing polarity principles and bodywork. This approach profoundly facilitates the release of deeply held tensions where movement is compromised and promotes a most essential healing component, i.e. the ability to fully receive and fully allow.

Bodywork on this level requires communication on an energetic level. How we communicate with the tissues, the mind, emotions and soul of our clients requires attention, intention and knowledge of the interconnectedness of our surroundings. We are connected with our surroundings; let’s utilize that connection! Our soul enlivens our bodies, and must be allowed to enter our lives on every level.

With this communication skill, we can assist in the reconnection with our soul which enlivens our bodies, inspires our minds and fills us with purpose. Then, anything is possible!!


Karen Kerns, BCPP, RCST, LMT graduated in dental hygiene from the University of Detroit, School of Dentistry. Studies included anatomy, physiology, microbiology and histology. Practicing in the specialized field of periodontal dentistry, performing deep cleaning of the gum tissue and root surfaces, some diseases noticeably showed up in the mouth. Through the study of polarity therapy the connection of these diseases with other parts of the body became clear. This understanding of energetic patterns began to connect the dots of the physical body and the life force we now know is key to health and wellness.

Being intrigued about the wholistic perspective of health and the power of energy, she has pursued continued studies in polarity therapy, craniosacral work and reiki. Karen now teaches polarity therapy and is the director of The Polarity Center.

Our polarity community creates such an incredible, safe and supportive space for us to turn inward deeply as well as to turn to each other…… there’s something so magical about doing this together. We are indeed raising the bar on the level of healthy energy we bring to everyone and everything, everywhere. Contact Karen with any questions at kernskm@gmail.com.

Polarity Therapy is revolutionary and evolutionary! As Dr. Stone, the creator of Polarity Therapy said, “do not reinvent the wheel!” This informs us that the study of Polarity is indeed a pathway of evolution. The healing arts compel both practitioner and client to grow on all levels for health is a reflection of our total being. Technical skills combined with knowledge, intuition and practical application make Polarity Therapy an amazing modality. This is why we love Polarity! We get to grow, evolve, and live our passion and absolutely make a positive difference in the world.

Intuitive Yoga & Integrative Bodywork are truly a potent evolutionary step of Polarity. More and more clients come to us as they know they are experiencing a shift in consciousness. We help them experience their body, heart and soul as the Temple of their life. Our work helps them connect the dots of their being on a whole new level. We are indeed ‘raising the bar’ of health care.

For many practitioners, sessions become routine. Facilitating the polarity process on all these expanding levels can become unclear. We need to know when our energy gets clogged. You will learn practices for clearing your field and also how to identify when you need a polarity session. As practitioners we may need to learn new ways to support ourselves, deal with our emotional reactions to clients, plus our own pain and health issues as we age.

All of these reasons are why Intuitive Yoga & Integrative Bodywork Training is an empowering next step to grow your strength, skill, and intuition. Essentially, Polarity facilitates spiritual evolution. The spiritual body is the all-encompassing vital energy field.

What we’ve discovered is crucial to growing one’s being, as you are the instrument of your work-Structure. Creating structure gives Earth, i.e. a step by step process. Just as growing a garden requires steps, growing the sacred garden within requires consistent and careful tending. So many people truly do not understand that to be spiritual, to live a spiritual life, one must cultivate a Spiritual Structure of practices in body and mind. The great paradox is that

Structure breeds Creativity. Creativity grows the inner life which then becomes outer expression. We are indeed connecting the dots!

This program is for all those feeling the call to serve, who want to develop their sensitivity with skill and focus, who want to create and manifest their work in the world.

For those with no prior studies of polarity therapy, we request a one on one session to assist you in making an informed decision.


Weekend 1 – September 15 – 17, 2016

Working the Core, The Neutral Field

This is a great first class. Establishing a sense of space is one of our client’s most important needs, which they may or may not even know is needed.  Space to be; to become more of one’s self….the space that allows expansion and healing potency to come forward.

Weekend 2 – November 10 – 12. 2016

Activation of the Passionate, the Divine Masculine Positive Creative Mind Field

Oval Cavities, first one is the mind, the mental field

Are your actions matching your intention? And manifesting what you want?

Weekend 3 – January 19 – 21, 2017

Receptive, the Negative Field of Manifestation, the Divine Feminine Negative Formative Field

Are upsetting emotions and limiting beliefs keeping you from creating what you are truly capable of creating?

Weekend 4 – March 9 – 11, 2017

Completion class PLUS a very special bonus!!

March 9th will be a thorough review and practices of integration.

March 10th will be a day of Supervised Practice working on other community members with Intuitive Yoga and Bodywork teachings as a completion requirement for the class. Invite our polarity community, friends, family, students, clients, acquaintances….for yoga and bodywork.

  • advance your assistance strategies on the mat and on the table
  • deepen the process of attuning to your client and class
  • grow and expand your business even more!!

March 11th is our one day Polarity Conference and your BONUS for completing the Intuitive Yoga & Integrative Bodywork Course.

This year’s theme is:  “Raising the Bar” with powerful presentations on the evolution of Polarity Therapy and the healing arts.

We are being called to listen to our hearts and respond!

Then what do we do?  Commit to join us at the

Naturopathic Society School of Healing Arts         
7920 Jackson Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Dates to be Announced soon.

Connecting with a safe and supportive community over a period of months absolutely supports the growth of your work. To support you as much as we possibly can, here’s yet another BONUS!! During the months we do not meet, we will meet up on a conference call for the whole class. We can meditate together, discuss what’s up, and keep the support up to stay on track. Are you ready to leap into your next step?

Details at http://www.atlantapolaritycenter.com/wellness-program.html or see early bird payment options below.


Dates & Tuition

The full 4 weekend program with the special Bonus of our conference: $1,284

  • Pay in full by July 31 – save $225 – Total: $1059  Sorry, you missed it!
  • Pay in full by August 15 – save $150 – Total: $1134  Sorry, you missed it!
  • Pay in full by September 1 – save $75 – Total: $1209  Sorry, you missed it!

Weekend 1 – September 15 – 17, 2016: $350 Sorry, you missed it!

  • Pay by August 25 and save $50 – Total $300 Sorry, you missed it!

REVIEW of September CLASS – November 8, 2016 – $100

  • Pay by November 1 and save $25!   Total $75

Weekend 2 – November 10 – 12, 2016: $350

Weekend 3 – January 19 – 21, 2017: $350

  • Pay by 12/29/16 and save $50 – Total $300

Weekend 4 – March 9 & 10, 2017: $234

  • Pay by February 20, 2017 and save $50 – Total: $184

For those who paid in full at our conference in March, 2016, your additional cost is only $150 for the 9th and 10th and your conference day is FREE!

Wellness Practitioner Certification Program


APTA & NCBTMB C.E.’s pending.